Jasmine Henson

Jasmine Henson


Artist, Sailor, Pirate lover ……I am the Head Pirate on Sea Dog Island. The Compass Rose on Sea Dog is my home and Studio. From this magical place Island Moon Jewelry & Clay Works comes alive. The Power and Beauty of the Gulf of Mexico are my inspirations!
Living on the Gulf of Mexico, living on a Sailboat, I have seen my share of fireball Sunsets and Sunrises, and some mythical Green Flashes!

After Hand building , Carving and Refining the Precious Metal Clays , I kiln fire the designs revealing the Beauty of the Silver surface as the Organic Binder burns away. Using a blend of Patina acids and Salts( my secret sauce ) I hand torch Multiple layers resulting in a transformed multi hued and textured piece of Art.

Island Moon Jewelry : Magical Jewelry designs drawn like water from the Power & Beauty of the Gulf of Mexico.
Be part of a Sea Story 🙂

Luring Sailors to Fair Latitudes Since 2004

Phone: 228.223.3633
Email: jazgrass@me.com

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