Lynda Gilmore


Lynda Gilmore is a native Mississippian who grew up on the Coast. She graduated from USM with a degree in mathematics. She has always been active in community projects in Jackson and Bay St. Louis, while raising four wonderful children.


After retiring from her last job as an algebra teacher, Lynda began taking art classes. “I can truly say that once I got involved in art, I don’t see things the same. I notice the brilliance in the colors and shapes.”

She has been studying for the past few years under the direction of John and Tricia McDonald, Kathe Calhoun and Karen Renz. Lynda now works in pastels, oil and watercolor.


roups, and retirement homes.

I enjoy all aspects of nature, but in particular, I love geology and the beauty that is part of our natural surroundings.  My goal in creating jewelry, which to me is art, is to make those who wear it happy.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile on someone’s face as they look at my creations.

I have taken classes to understand how things work, and how to create items that last and will be even more loved the longer they are owned.

Having the opportunity to be part of the gifted group of artists at the Gulfport Art Gallery is a true blessing that is truly appreciated.

Phone: 850-529-4522