Sheila A. Smith

Jewelry Artist

Sheila A. Smith fell in love with metalsmithing in 2002 when a friend, Dr. Louis P Bauer Ph.D., introduced her to the world of silver and metalsmithing by giving her all of his jewelry-making equipment. After 20 years of woodworking, adding metal to her repertoire was a natural succession. She says “she loves the feel of the metal in her hand, whether it be sterling silver, copper, brass or pewter, and it is an awesome feeling knowing you are about to create something beautiful. Just the feel of the metal as you shape it, the beat of the hammer as you texture, the smell of the torch as you solder, and the sight of creating something is so stimulating.” She says “It is noisy and messy at times but it is peaceful and serene always. The time I spend in my studio is therapy.”

She loves to share her love of metalsmithing and help others learn to create their own rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

In January of 2014, She opened SAS by Design Studio where she teaches metalsmithing. Sheila lives in GOD’s country – the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast Long Beach – and appreciates and treasures the talents and gifts GOD has blessed her with.