Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Secret Santa

This year my family decided to do a secret santa christmas in order to cut down on costs, especially for the youngest newlyweds. I love the idea of keeping costs down for Christmas buying. It helps reduce some of the stress the holidays bring and it allows you to focus your attention on a single person. When you do that you think much more about what they would like. It also makes things more equitable. Like Sheldon Cooper says on the “Big Bang Theory”;

“You haven’t given me a gift, you’ve given me an obligation”


This year my husband drew his sister, which shouldn’t be a problem as she is very easy to buy for, but this year he started a new, very stressful, job just a couple of weeks ago. Fast forward to today… I came into the Gulfport Galleria to work my volunteer day this month and found a great gift for her. That allowed me to take something off his list this Christmas.

This is how NOT to do a Secret Santa


Hope your holiday is filled with joy and cheer.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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