Watercolor you can do

Taught by an internationally known watercolor artist, Sharon Long. She will teach you how to paint nature and the world. Easy techniques will be taught. All experience levels are welcome. Drawing/painting experience is not required. All materials furnished.

A $25 non-refundable deposit is required.


9:30 AM - 1:00 PM


sharon long watercolorist

Sharon Long

My objective is to pull together what I’ve seen and experienced into a statement of how I feel about nature and of my obligation as an artist to share my knowledge with others. I feel my paintings are a celebration of nature and its inhabitants and of life itself.

Inspiration for me comes from all the life that surrounds me whether in the mountains, on a sidewalk by a busy street, or white sandy beaches and emerald green water, it is my sense of sharing this in the painting process. It’s like magic to create an elusive moment, an emotional response or memory, on paper. It let’s me share with those who have seen the subject or provide a moving experience of reality to those who may have never witnessed it at all. I hope it will inspire the viewers to go to nature, observe and seek greater knowledge and appreciation of all the beauties surrounding us.

When someone takes one of my paintings to their environment, the painting becomes a reflection of what makes them feel good. If I accomplish this, then what better gift can an artist give!