The Eagle Has (re)Landed

The Gulfport Arts Center is pleased to announce that once again, “The Eagle” sits proudly on display in front of the Carnegie Library Building in downtown Gulfport.

“The Eagle” is a work by noted area wood sculptor Marlin Miller and has become a bit of a local landmark. Years of exposure to the elements had led to significant damage. Six months of work went into this restoration.

A number of people were involved in this effort (and believe me, there was a lot of “effort” in the effort… this thing is HEAVY!) Thank you to everyone who participated. In particular, we must thank artist Jon Ivan, who inspired and initiated the project; Marlin Miller himself, who dropped in and advised us how to best proceed with the restoration; Warren and Meridith Hiatt, dear friends and benefactors of the Arts Center, who made this restoration possible; and most especially to the MVP, Joey Wilson from local company Bobcat Tree Work. Thank you, Joey… thank you, all.

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