We Love MAC!

Today (June 12th, 2021) the Gulfport Arts Center/GGFA received a $2,500 operating grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission, one of several such grants from MAC over the years. The support of these fine people has been crucial in allowing us to remain in operation.

We were pleased to be able to express our thanks in person recently when we hosted a small reception for Sarah Story, new Executive Director of MAC, and our good friend Kristen Brandt, Arts Industry Director. Kristen has been helping to advise our organization’s efforts for several years; we have deeply appreciated the guidance.

The Mississippi Art Commission’s financial support, video-conferenced networking, and individual guidance are a blessing to arts organizations across our state. We love MAC!

The Gulfport Arts Center’s online store would not be possible without contributions and grants from our wonderful partners: 

Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Gulfport Main Street Association

Gulfport Arts Center