Ray Eckert

Ray Eckert

Community Artist

I Spent nine years overseas in different locations and continents. Retired from active duty U.S. Air Force in 1976 as E-8 (SMSGT). At retirement, continued to travel inside and outside the U.S.

I Settled down, operating own business for many years and living remotely at times. Today I continue to travel from my permanent location at AFRH in Gulfport. Painting, art history and visiting art galleries and museums in Europe and U.S. are favorite pastimes.

I started painting after my arrival in July 2011 by attending art classes with AFRH Art Director, Milton Williams. My favorite mediums currently are acrylic and water-based oils. I am not confined to any one type of subject matter.

I have sold art works during exhibitions and art fairs and donated paintings to schools for fundraising activities. I have also completed commissions, focusing on portraits and animals. I have currently completed over 200 paintings, many located in various government buildings.