Don Mathison


I am a painter and work in both oils and acrylics on canvas and paper. I describe my work as minimalist and often use color collages. My work is primarily representational but I also do some abstract work.

I am a native Mississippian and grew up in Prentiss, a small town in south-central Mississippi. I attended Mississippi State University. My business career took me out of state. Once retired I returned to Mississippi and now live in Pass Christian with my wife of almost 50 years. Fay and I have two children – a son who lives in Tokyo and a daughter in New York City.
My primary art mentor is Joyce Livingston King. Joyce is a well-established coastal artist and retired high school art teacher. Joyce and I are first cousins and grew up together.

After I retired, she was instrumental in helping me focus my artistic vision. We attended many workshops and other artistic adventures together. We continue to paint together on a regular basis.

Closing thought? I expect to have a long life because I will always have one more painting to do before I die.