Jewel Pugh


After spending my entire adult life in the corporate business world, I felt it was time to devote a little time to my desire to create beautiful things that would not only serve as art but would also be useful to the user.  I have always taken classes in all aspects of art and creating things of beauty.

I began in earnest on this journey some 10 years ago.  I sought out those who are familiar with lapidary, gemology and jewelry making, and painting. These individuals have taught me that while it is not always easy to create something beautiful, it is nonetheless rewarding to do so.  I have had the opportunity to visit working mines for opals, diamonds, and other gems. And, to take many lessons from those who are well-gifted in their art forms.

I have sold my jewelry and art at many festivals, jewelry stores, gift shops, and friends who love to share with others their love of my work. In an effort to give back, I have taught classes for children, church groups, and retirement homes.

I enjoy all aspects of nature, but in particular, I love geology and the beauty that is part of our natural surroundings.  My goal in creating jewelry, which to me is art, is to make those who wear it happy.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile on someone’s face as they look at my creations.

I have taken classes to understand how things work, and how to create items that last and will be even more loved the longer they are owned.

Having the opportunity to be part of the gifted group of artists at the Gulfport Art Gallery is a true blessing that is truly appreciated.

Phone: 850-529-4522